The colon is the final part of our digestive tract. Since it’s part of the digestive system, the food we eat is an important factor in the health of our colon.


Want to keep your colon healthy? Try to use the following tips.

1.  Eating about 25-35 grams daily of high-fibre foods like raspberries, bananas, prunes, peas, broccoli, beans, celery, and whole-wheat pasta is a great start to cleanse the body.

2.  Vitamin D is advantageous when trying to maintain a healthy colon. You can get Vitamin D from either from the sun, 15-20 minutes of daily exposure is sufficient or from foods like bread, fatty fish, milk, and cereal. If your foods do not supply enough Vitamin D, ask your doctor’s advice about taking a supplement.

3.  Water is critical when we try to keep our colon healthy. Drinking more water throughout the day helps to keep the colon clean, increase overall function and improve regularity. Remember to drink eight glasses of water daily!

4.  To keep your digestive system healthy and functioning well, regular exercise is necessary. By increasing blood flow and circulation through exercise, your colon gets more oxygen. This may prevent colon diseases. Doing yoga or walking for 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient to help keep your colon healthy.

5.  Colonoscopy is essential in the prevention and early detection of colon cancer. It is a necessary screening test in maintaining colon health, especially for individuals over the age of 50. Ask your doctors’ advice about a colonoscopy if you are experiencing on-going diarrhoea or constipation, rectal bleeding, severe abdominal pain or bloating.

by the editors of Healthiaplus news