Dentures are very rarely comfortable, especially the lower ones. Most of wearers complain about pain, pour chewing efficiency, mobility, loss of taste, bad odor and change of the facial characteristics due to their volume and shape.

Additionally, many studies show high psychological impact on denture wearers. Patients feel intimidated and insecure due to their discomfort in speaking and smiling. As a result, these studies show a significant decrease in their socialization.

Our clinic applies a precise and accurate procedure that rapidly increases the quality of life of denture wearers or edentulous patients within hours.

The procedure is among the most predictable medical treatments and results into the replacement of dentures or missed teeth by fixed (non-removable) prosthesis on implants.

There is a need of four to six implants to replace all teeth of the lower jaw and six to eight for the upper, depending on the quality and volume of the bone of each patient.

The entire treatment is done within a day starting with a specific CT scan and digital mouth impressions with intraoral scanner. The whole procedure is then executed virtually on the computer from surgical implant placement to teeth design.

When all parameters are addressed, it is then performed in the patient’s mouth very precisely, in an extreme sterile environment while the artificial teeth are being milled by specialized robotic machinery. By the end of the implant placement in the patient’s mouth, the prosthesis is ready to be placed on them.

All parts of the treatment are made in the clinic, at the same time, from diagnosis to fabrication of artificial teeth. A team of doctors performs the procedures and dental technologists of different specialities (Oral Surgeon, Periodontist and Prosthodontist, etc.) as such procedures require in-depth specialization to ensure quality. The use of the right material and specialized CT scan machines, software and dental robotics is of great importance.

The technique is minimally invasive. Therefore, the post-operation symptoms are minimal if not absent. The patient leaves the clinic in about four hours ready to return to his professional and social life from the very first minute. The high quality and longevity of the procedure is unquestioned. It has been performed into more than 7000 patients in the last twelve years by our clinical team.

Dr. Stratos Athanasios

DMD, CAGD, Prosthodontist, Former Adj. Assistant Prof. Tufts University, Boston, USA