Thessaloniki, Greece:
your medical tourism destination

1st stop: Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece located 250km north of Athens. It is a modern metropolis, built by the sea, a cross road of different cultures and an astonishing mosaic of people. Sunk in a charming, affectionate atmosphere, Thessaloniki is full of impressive attractions, museums, castles and religious monuments, vintage and modern shops, cafes,bistro, traditional taverns, and gourmet restaurants.

A beautiful medical tourism destination for a city break where you can find everything, as history, art and exceptional gastronomy and exciting nightlife. Greeks love to repeat there is no such a beautiful city and they usually call her  ‘Bride of the Thermaic Gulf’.

Travel Tip!

Take a tour in the centre of Thessaloniki  and plan a visit to its nearby destinations.  Mount Olympus, Ancient Dion, Vergina and Fhilippi are easily accessible and wonderful choices for a day trip. We will arrange all the details for you!

Smart Choice!

Make a multi destination trip and plan your holidays in a paradise place called Halkidiki! Let us take you there!

2nd stop: The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are the perfect holidays destination. Each one with their own attractions, turquoise waters, beautiful sunsets, museums, galleries, delicious local food and welcoming locals will welcome you into their life to satisfy your needs and soften your heart. Santorini, Myconos, Patmos, Crete, Corfu, Skiathos, Samothrace, Karpathos and many more are just  waiting to uncover their hidden treasures.

Travel Tip!

Enjoy island hopping holidays! Visit 2-3 islands during your trip and discover each one’s beauty and charm.  There are islands for every budget and taste, from busy party islands to remote relaxing places. An amazing experience is one click away!

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